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Certificate Overview

This graduate certificate in Environmental Politics and Policy is designed for non-degree-seeking students and graduate students at Virginia Tech who wish to demonstrate special competence in the research area of environmental politics and policy. Protecting the environment and enhancing the quality and sustainability of human-nature interactions has become a critical goal for federal and state agencies, as well as numerous companies working in all sectors of the economy. Because professionals and researchers working to address these challenges must work closely with policymakers or the policy process, public, nongovernmental and private employers increasingly require individuals who are familiar with the policy-making process. Certificate provides skills in these areas, especially in relation to climate change, social adaptation of human communities, the protection of ‘wild’ nature, renewable and sustainable energy efforts, and environmental and climate justice. This certificate program responds to an existing demand by degree-seeking and non-degree students, studying on campus or through online courses. The certificate recognizes coursework that students have completed that demonstrates a focus on environmental politics and policy.

How to Apply:
Fill out the online application for participation in the certificate program.
Upon processing of the application, you will be contacted
with information about the submission of additional
required materials. Thank you for your interest.

Admission Requirements

Applications for the Graduate Certificate in Environmental Politics and Policy will be considered from students enrolled in a graduate degree program at Virginia Tech and from non-degree and Commonwealth Campus students who have undergraduate degrees.  Certificates will be awarded upon application for the certificate and application for certificate conferral once course requirements have been completed.

Course Requirements

The certificate requires successful completion of a total of 12 credit hours, of which 9 credits are required courses and 3 are elective. Students need to receive a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students will not be allowed to retake a course for a better grade if they receive below a B. All courses are for 3 credit hours. All students must complete:

* PSCI 5214 Contemporary Political Theory or PSCI 5115 Research Methods I and
* PSCI 5364 Public Ecology
* PSCI 5584 Environmental Politics and Policy

In addition, students must complete at least 3 credit hours from the following:

* PSCI 5354 Public Policy Analysis
* PSCI 5414 Industrial Democracies
* PSCI 5434 Politics of Developing Areas
* PSCI 5314 Legislative Branch
* PSCI 5324 Executive Branch
* PSCI 5334 Judicial Branch