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Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate

For graduate students preparing to become faculty.
This graduate certificate aims to prepare graduate students to become our future faculty and academic leaders by exposure to concepts that break the mold of existing practices in higher education. Many leaders in the academic and business communities have recently challenged colleges and universities to embrace change in order to ensure the viability of the higher education enterprise. Rather than settle for the status quo and witness a probable decline in sustainability, most argue that it is time to create new models and new methods of training for the future professoriate, who will become the faculty and academic leaders of tomorrow.

This certificate is part of the overarching theme "Transformative Graduate Education" (TGE). Interconnecting components all serve to better prepare the next generations for the professoriate and career professionals.

  • Preparing the Future Professoriate
  • Preparing the Future Professional 
  • GEDI – enhancing the GTA and professional development experience that encourages graduate students to acquire a broad array of skill sets that will prepare them to be teacher/scholar/professionals who are better able to meet the higher education and societal challenges of the 21st century. This project is being conducted in collaboration with Learning Technologies
  • Citizen-Scholar Program – addressing the impact of rigorous intellectual scholarship, leadership and policy beyond the educational realm.
How to Apply:
Fill out the online application for participation in the certificate program.
Upon processing of the application, you will be contacted
with information about the submission of additional
required materials. Thank you for your interest.

Admission Requirements

Graduate students wishing to earn the graduate certificate in Future Professoriate must be currently enrolled master's or doctoral students in any discipline or major. These individuals must have satisfied all admissions requirements to be admitted and must remain in good academic standing.

Course Requirements

Graduate students must complete a minimum of 9 graduate credits (6 of which must be graded graduate credits). Required core courses include (6 credit hours):

         GRAD 5104 Preparing the Future Professoriate (3 hours/3 credits)
         GRAD 5114 Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts (3 hours/3 credits)

To satisfy the additional 3 credits, interested students can selected from this list of approved courses including the following courses offered by the Graduate School:

  • GRAD 5004  GTA Workshop (1 credit hour)
  • GRAD 5014  Academic Integrity and Plagiarism (1)
  • GRAD 5124  Library Research Skills (1)
  • GRAD 5204  Citizen Scholar Seminar (3)
  • GRAD 5214 Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Society (3)
  • GRAD 5144 Communicating Science (2) 
  • GRAD 5954  Study Abroad - Future Professoriate Global Perspectives (3)

If you are interested in completing the Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate, please submit the
Graduate Certificate Application to formally enroll in the certificate program. When all certificate requirements have been satisfied, please then submit the Application for Degree or Certificate Conferral to authorize the issuing of the diploma and the posting of the graduate certificate on your official transcript.