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Multidisciplinary Research in International Development
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Certificate Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Multidisciplinary Research in International Development allows graduate students already working towards a graduate degree to attain special recognition for work pertaining to international development. It is designed to encourage students to broaden their academic experiences while enabling them to better face international challenges. The program can offer interested students guidance in the choice of electives, course alternatives within the discipline, and thesis topics.

International development is a process of improving the lives of people in developing countries. It has three components: education and training, collaborative research, and technical assistance. Development work is multidisciplinary in nature, often involving members of several disciplines working together to define a common goal. No single discipline can provide a thorough understanding of the development process. The Graduate Certificate in Multidisciplinary Research in International Development promotes a multidisciplinary approach on the part of the student.

How to Apply:
Fill out the online application for participation in the certificate program.
Upon processing of the application, you will be contacted
with information about the submission of additional
required materials. Thank you for your interest.

Admission Requirements

 You must register no later than the last day to add courses of your last semester. Additionally, you must:

--be accepted as a graduate student in an established academic department;
--have at least one faculty member with experience in international development on your graduate committee;
--have your application signed by your major professor

course requirements and other requirements

 --Take at least three courses from the approved list (contact the certificate administrator to discuss using courses that are not on the approved list)

--Ensure that one course is outside your department, and one course is outside your college
--Independent and special studies are accepted but must be relevant to international development and must be approved by the certificate advisory committee
--Write your thesis or major paper on a topic related to international development
--Make a presentation on your research prior to completion of the certificate
--The requirement for a course within your department may be fulfilled with an overseas research experience conducted in conjunction with completion of the course GRAD 5404 Research in International Contexts to meet the 9-credit minimum requirement

Application Process:


-Fill out the graduate certificate application 
--Obtain the necessary signatures; return the original to the Graduate Life Center and submit a copy to the Global Education Office along with the completed Global Education certificate form and your program of study
--Contact the certificate administrator to arrange for a day/time/location to make your presentation
--Before graduation, submit an abstract of your thesis, dissertation, or major paper to the Global Education Office
--Complete the application for conferral of degree or certificate and return to the Graduate Life Center