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Goodwin Hall at the corner of Prices Fork Road and Stanger Street is the new flagship building for the College of Engineering. It houses 40 instructional and research labs, eight classrooms, an auditorium, and 150 offices for several engineering departments. More than classrooms, offices, and laboratories for Virginia Tech, the building is a ground-breaking experiment to measure even the smallest vibrations made inside the building. Accelerometers can measure vibration from wind loads, structural settling, or even foot traffic.
345 Goodwin Hall 635 Price's Fork Road: 0218 Blacksburg VA 24061
Goodwin Hall
Degree(s) Offered:
• PhD
PhD Degree in Engineering Education
Minimum GPA: 3.0
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Fall: Jan 15
Spring: Oct 01
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Department Head : Jennifer Case
Graduate Program Director : Walter Lee
Emeriti Faculty: Richard Goff
Professors: Jennifer Case; David Knight; Vinod Lohani; Holly Matusovich; Elizabeth McNair; Marie Paretti; Bevlee Watford
Associate Professors: Diana Bairaktarova; Jacob Grohs; Walter Lee; Jeremi London; Homero Murzi Escobar; Sarah Rodriguez; Qin Zhu
Assistant Professors: Mark Huerta; Andrew Katz; Dayoung Kim; Nicole Pitterson; Susan Sajadi

Engineering Education Introduction

The Engineering Education (ENGE) graduate program at Virginia Tech is ideal for students who are interested in becoming leaders in innovation and catalysts for change in society through research in the field of engineering education. The cross-disciplinary PhD program is designed specifically to prepare graduates for a variety of professional goals and careers across the entire range of engineering education, including engineering faculty positions in universities of all types, careers in policy, educational research, corporate training management, university assessment or university administration.

The program offers curricular flexibility and a collaborative research environment that allows students to tailor their experience in a way that  prepares them to achieve their professional goals in the evolving field of engineering education.

 We think of our research as existing in four overarching areas:

  • Teaching and Learning: Pedagogical issues and psychological processes in curricular and co-curricular settings
  • Equity and Culture: Educational inequities, cultural responsiveness, and ideological issues within and across educational and workspace environments
  • Decision Making and Social Responsibility: Factors that shape socio-technical decisions at all levels of engineering and engineering education ecosystems
  • Organization and Systems: Interactions and relational issues within and across educational and workplace systems.

In addition to the PhD, the Virginia Tech Department of Engineering Education also offers a 12-credit Graduate Certificate. The ENGE Graduate Certificate course offerings overlap significantly with those of the Engineering Education PhD and the Graduate School's Professoriate Certificate.

Our Mission: Preparing scholars to advance knowledge and address significant challenges facing engineering education.

Offered In (Blacksburg)

Degree Requirements

Minimum GPA: 3.0
Institution code: 5859
Testing Requirements:
    • Paper
      • 550.0
    • Computer
      • 213.0
    • iBT
      • 79.0
PhD students must take a minimum of 90 total credits beyond the Bachelor's degree, submitted on a program of study subject to approval by the student's advisory committee.

Curricular Requirements:
  • Dissertation: 30 credits min.
  • Engineering Education Core Courses: 8 credits
  • Engineering Education Practical Applications: 3 credits
  • Engineering Education Research Methods: 3 credits
  • Engineering cognate: 12 credits
  • Social Science cognate: 12 credits
  • Electives: 9 credits
  • Engineering Education Seminar: 4 credits ENGE & 1 credit GSSME

Required Milestones and Examinations:

  1. Qualifying Examination
  2. Preliminary Examination
  3. PhD Research Proposal
  4. Progress Report
  5. Final Examination (Defense)

Additional Information:
  • At least 9 credits (ENGE or non-ENGE) will be at the 6000 level, relevant to the student's research.
  • At least 3 credits of Qualitative Research Methods and 3 credits of Quantitative Research Methods must be completed (3 credits must be in ENGE).
  • Up to 30 credits from a Master's degree may be counted toward the PhD at the discretion of the student's advisory committee and subject to Graduate School Policies.
More detailed information regarding degree requirements is available in the Engineering Education Graduate Manual.

Engineering Education Department Location

The Engineering Education Department offices are located on the 3rd floor of Goodwin Hall.  Faculty offices are located in Goodwin and in the Data & Decision Sciences Building.   Graduate student offices are located in Goodwin, Surge, McBryde, and the Data & Decision Sciences Building.

Faculty Research

Visit the department website for a description of faculty research.
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