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Academics and agricultural administration; completed February 1940. Cost $206,000; 39,280 sq. ft, Originally known as New Agricultural Hall. Named after Thomas Barksdale Hutcheson (1882-1950) was Head of the Department of Agronomy from 1914 to 1945 and Dean of the School of Agriculture from 1946 to 1950. He lived in the dairy barn at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech), working his way through college by milking cows.
Hutcheson Hall
Degree(s) Offered:
MADAS Degree in Data Analysis and Applied Statistics
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Offered In:
National Capital Region
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Fall: Jan 15
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Department Head : David Higdon
Graduate Program Director : Eric Smith (Graduate Program Director)
Professors: Ronald Fricker; Robert Gramacy; Feng Guo; David Higdon; Ina Hoeschele; Yili Hong; John Morgan; Sally Morton; Eric Smith; Gordon Vining
Associate Professors: Xinwei Deng; Pang Du; Marco Ferreira; Leanna House; Leah Johnson; Inyoung Kim; Scott Leman; George Terrell; Xiaowei Wu; Hongxiao Zhu
Assistant Professors: Christopher Franck; Shyam Ranganathan; Srijan Sengupta
Associate Professor of Practice: Jennifer Van Mullekom
Research Assistant Professors: Allison Tegge
Collegiate Associate Professors: Anne Driscoll

Master of Arts in Data Analysis and Applied Statistics

The Master of Arts in Data Analysis and Applied Statistics is offered by Virginia Tech’s Department of Statistics. The degree is also sponsored by other programs and departments including the Education Research and Evaluation Program (EDRE), the Departments of Psychology, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Geography, Economics, Human Development, Sociology, Psychology, Biological Sciences, and the Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology program.
The curriculum provides a broad variety of applied statistical tools to students, without the emphasis on statistical theory steeped in mathematics. The M.A. DAAS degree is structured so that certain courses that emphasize the fundamentals of statistics, are required. Electives in specialized topics in statistics are then chosen by the student. Thus, the degree offers sufficient depth in the fundamentals of contemporary applied statistical methods and gives students an understanding of how these methods are applied in different fields.

Students seeking admission to the M.A. DAAS degree are those wishing to expand their statistical knowledge beyond the material presented in graduate service courses, tackling more specialized topics, whether they are taught statistical methodology by the Department of Statistics or by other programs/departments on campus. The M.A. DAAS degree is offered as a simultaneous degree. Current Virginia Tech master's and/or Ph.D. students in another discipline, who desire to complement their training with the M.A. DAAS degree, are eligible to apply to the degree. The applied statistics emphasis of the M.A. DAAS will empower students to perform more statistically sophisticated research, improving the quality of their theses/dissertations, and leading to papers published in higher level journals than would be possible without such courses.
Offered In (Blacksburg, National Capital Region)

Degree Requirements

Minimum GPA: 3.0
Institution code: 5859
Testing Requirements:
The program requires 33 credit hours of coursework (21 hours from the core and 12 hours of electives). The core requirements will be based on courses from four topic areas: Data Analysis, Design of Experiments or Study Design, Regression Analysis, and Statistical Theory, and also a professional development course in consulting. Below is a list of the core courses:
  • STAT 5615: Statistics in Research I
  • STAT 5616: Statistics in Research II
  • STAT 5204G: Experimental Design: Concepts and Application
  • STAT 5214G: Advanced Methods of Regression Analysis
  • STAT 5105G: Theoretical Statistics
  • STAT 5024: Effective Communication in Statistical Consulting
  • STAT 5904: Project and Report



Department of Statistics

The department has several laboratories housing state-of-the-art Linux and PC networks. Students have access to these for collaboration, course work, and research. Students gain extensive experience with modern statistical software for experimental design, data management and analysis, and computer programming for statistical purposes.
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