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Translational Obesity Research
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Translational Obesity Research IGEP Virginia Tech 370 Drillfield Dr. 215 War Memorial Hall Blacksburg VA 24061
War Memorial Hall
Degree(s) Offered:
IGEP Degree in Translational Obesity Research
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Offered In:
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Application Deadlines:
Fall: Aug 01
Spring: Jan 01
Summer I: May 01
Summer II: Jun 01
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Graduate Program Director : Kevin Davy (Professor)
Professors: George Davis; Brenda Davy; Kevin Davy; Dawnine Larson-Meyer; Dongmin Liu; Jyoti Savla; Stella Volpe
Associate Professors: Deborah Good; Eva Schmelz
Assistant Professors: Julia Basso; Siobhan Craige; Alexandra DiFeliceantonio (Roanoke); Joshua Drake; Samantha Harden; Valisa Hedrick; Benjamin Katz; James Weger

Translational Obesity Research

Obesity is one of the most complex public health problems facing the nation and world today. More than a third of Americans and over one billion people worldwide are obese. Significant progress has been made in basic science discoveries related to the regulation of energy balance and in identifying efficacious lifestyle and pharmacologic approaches to manage obesity under tightly controlled conditions in primarily academic healthcare settings. However, there is little information available regarding the clinical relevance of many basic science discoveries or in the translation of promising clinical interventions to evidenced-based practice. Furthermore, little progress has been made in implementing and disseminating effective obesity prevention and treatment programs on a broad scale to have a positive public health impact. Thus, innovative interdisciplinary graduate training programs are needed to equip the next generation of scientists with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the complex societal problem of obesity.  This Translational Obesity Research graduate training program organized through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) will draw faculty and students from diverse disciplines together to form integrative research teams with a central focus on translational obesity research, spanning from "cells to society" (i.e., from basic science to practice, policy and practice implementation).  

Colleges and Departments:
College of Agriculture and Life Science
    Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
    Agricultural and Applied Economics    Biochemistry                Food Science and Technology

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
    Human Development and Family Science
College of Engineering               Computer Science             Industrial and Systems Engineering
Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine   Biomedical Science and Pathobiology

For more information please contact: Kevin Davy,, Principal Investigator
Offered In (Blacksburg)

Degree Requirements

Minimum GPA: 3.0
Institution code: 5859
Testing Requirements:
    • Paper
      • 550.0
    • iBT
      • 80.0
Requirements may vary depending on department.

Translational Obesity Research

This is an interdisciplinary program and shares facilities among departments across campus.


Facilities are utilized based on the department of the major advisor.