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University Policies for Student Life

All students enrolled at Virginia Tech are subject to student life policies set by the university. The university publication, University Policies for Student Life is available at . This document is applicable to students matriculated at the Blacksburg campus, as well as those students at branch campuses, higher education centers, or other university owned or leased properties. In addition, information about medical and health related policies and parking are included below.

Physical Examination

All Blacksburg campus students, admitted to the university for the first time, must complete a physical examination form and return it to Student Health Services

Medical Insurance Coverage

The university has contracted with an insurance carrier to offer group coverage for all students at Virginia Tech. For details on levels of coverage and specific limitation, please contact the Student Medical Insurance office in the Student Services Building, 540/231-6226 or 231-6303, or visit

Medical insurance is mandatory for all international students with F-1 or J-1 visa status and their accompanying dependents in F-2/J-2 visa status. Insurance requirements are posted at Medical insurance is mandatory for all College of Veterinary Medicine students at a minimum of $100,000 accident and sickness coverage. All students in these two areas must show in writing that they have coverage from another insurance company that is equal to or better than the minimum levels required by the university, or they must purchase the university-sponsored student plan. Review of insurance policies is done by the Student Medical Insurance office.

MEDEX Overseas Evacuation Program

An overseas emergency evacuation program is available to faculty, staff, students and their families who travel overseas on university business. MEDEX provides emergency services outside your home country. Included are:

  • locating appropriate medical care
  • evaluation and close monitoring of treatment - management of emergency
  • medical evacuation and transport of mortal remains
  • coordination of direct claims payments to providers
  • verification of your insurance to facilitate hospital admission
  • continuous contact with family, physicians, and employer
  • assistance with interrupted travel plans resulting from an emergency situation
  • assistance replacing lost or stolen medications
  • emergency message transmittal services
  • emergency international transfer of funds
  • assistance in locating lost or stolen documents or passports
  • multilingual language services in emergency situations
  • coordination centers and phone numbers throughout the world

On Call International – A benefit of the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan

Students on the Student Health Insurance Plan through Aetna, which is offered to full-time students attending the university, have access to On Call International.  For questions regarding On Call International, please contact the Student Medical Insurance Office at (540) 231-6226 or email 

Students who are not enrolled in the VT student insurance plan may purchase MEDEX Travel assistance through Risk Management, phone: (540) 231-7439; e-mail: Students should purchase optional coverage prior to leaving the U.S.A. For more information or the link to the MEDEX application please visit the Risk Management website,

Automobiles and Bicycles

Motor vehicles owned and operated by students who drive them on campus and bicycles must be registered with the University Parking Services Office when the vehicle is brought on campus. Parking information and regulations are available at