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Provisional Admission (Master's only)

Provisional Admission to a graduate degree is open to an applicant whose GPA is below the 3.00 required by the Graduate School, but generally not lower than 2.75, who has other experience or qualifications that demonstrate potential to undertake graduate study, and whose admission is requested by the admitting academic unit. Provisionally admitted students are regular degree-seeking students with the condition that they must earn at least a 3.00 GPA for the first 12 graduate credits they attempt. If a 3.00 GPA is not earned in the first 12 credit hours attempted, the Graduate School will consult with the academic unit to determine whether the student should be allowed to continue for one additional semester on probationary status (see Academic Progress, Probation). Appropriate coursework taken while on Provisional status may be included on the Plan of Study for the student's graduate degree at the discretion of the student's Advisory Committee.