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In Absentia Status

Graduate students in good standing who for academic reasons need to spend an entire Fall or Spring semester away from campus can apply for and be granted in absentia status (see Policy PPM 293). In absentia status is granted for work that is directly related to a student's academic course of study and that is integral to her or his degree. Examples include field research, clinical internship, or laboratory work with research collaborators at remote institutions. In absentia status is approved by each student's home academic unit and then by the Graduate School. During each Fall or Spring semester in absentia, students must register for one credit hour.

To qualify for in absentia status, students must be stationed a minimum of 50 miles away from Blacksburg, and must not work on or in conjunction with any of Virginia Tech's satellite campuses and facilities. Students can remain in absentia for two consecutive semesters, but must then return to residency at the University for a minimum of one semester. Exemptions may be granted by the Graduate School when longer periods of absence are required.

In absentia status is not available to students who have not adhered to the continuous enrollment requirement, are supported by an assistantship, or are participating in an exchange program or dual degree program with an officially designated partner institution.