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Incomplete, X, NG and NR Grades

An Incomplete ("I") grade, which is not calculated in the GPA, may be given when the requirements of a course have not been completed because of illness or extenuating circumstances. It is at the discretion of the instructor whether the circumstances warrant the assignment of an Incomplete. Incompletes should be removed, by completing the course requirements, as soon as possible. Departments should set policies for the time allowed for removal of "I" grades and the number of "I" grades that are allowed by students in their programs. Grades of "I" may be removed during a period when the student is not enrolled at the university. Grades of "X" are assigned initially to students in a course that extends over more than one semester and are removed when the final grade for the course is entered.
Graduate degrees cannot be completed until all "I", "X", "NG" and "NR" grades on the Plan of Study have been converted to a passing letter grade (i.e., a C- or better for courses with the A/F grading option, a P for courses only offered on the P/F grading option).

If a student is ready to complete a graduate degree and grades of “I”, “X”, “NG”  or “NR” are present on the transcript but off the Plan of Study, the department  should investigate why these grades have not been remedied. In many  cases these grades reflect unresolved problems or errors that can and should be remedied.  However, as long as the student has a GPA of 3.0 or better both on the Plan of Study and overall, these grades  can remain on the transcript and not interfere with degree completion.