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Graduate School Policies
Academic Progress
GPA Requirements

Students must obtain a 3.00 GPA, both overall and for courses on the Plan of Study. All courses on the approved plan, including supporting courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better (see Graduate Degree and Certificate Requirements section below).

Scholarly Ethics and Integrity
The student's progress on completing the four required scholarly ethics and integrity topics plus additional topics relevant to the discipline must be reported in the annual review. Details of approved plans and requirements for all graduate programs are listed on the Scholarly Ethics and Integrity website at the following link:
Inclusion and Diversity Training

The student's progress on completing the Inclusion and Diversity training approved for their graduate program should be be reported in their annual review of academic progress. Details of approved plans and requirements for all graduate programs are listed on the Inclusion and Diversity Requirement website at the following link:

Probation due to Unsatisfactory Grades

Students whose cumulative GPA falls below a "B" (3.00 GPA) will be placed on probation by the Graduate School. Enrollment for one semester of probation normally is permitted to remedy an unsatisfactory GPA. If the student does not achieve a 3.0 GPA within one semester after being placed on probation, the Graduate School will consult with the department about dismissal of the student from Graduate School. A department can appeal to the Graduate School for additional time for the student to achieve a 3.0 GPA, providing the student is making reasonable progress in raising the GPA. If an appeal is made to the Graduate School for additional time it should come from the departmental Graduate Program Director or the Department Head. If extra time is granted, the student should be informed in writing of the amount of additional time allowed for achieving a 3.0 GPA. If the department does not support a time extension, the student will be dismissed from the Graduate School.

Satisfactory Progress toward a Graduate Degree

All graduate students are required to have an Annual Review of Progress at least once a year by their Advisory Committees. Students who do not yet have a Plan of Study and an Advisory Committee should be reviewed by the Graduate Program Director or a departmental Graduate Committee. If a student fails to make satisfactory progress toward degree requirements (coursework, grades, research, projects, examinations, and other requirements), permission may be denied to continue in the degree program. This decision may be reached by the student's Advisory Committee, a graduate program Evaluation Committee in the department and the Graduate Program Director, or the Department Head, and recommended to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will dismiss the student for unsatisfactory progress following the recommendation by the department. The departmental recommendation should include documentation of at least one review indicating unsatisfactory progress, communication to the student about what was needed to reestablish satisfactory progress, and evidence that the student's progress continued to be unsatisfactory (second review).